Executive Board 2017-18

Susan Keldani: skeldani@aol.com

Laura Thomas: laurarthomas@att.net

Jenny Montgomery: jenny@andymontgomery.com

Elena Palmer: elena@the-palmers.net

Thompson hoodies sale has ended. Thank you for your support of Thompson Middle School.

PTO Meetings:

PTO meetings will begin at 9:00am in the large Conference Room in the office of he 7th/8th grade building. 

PTO meetings are: 
Monday, December 11th - 9:00am - Conference Room 7/8th Bldg
Friday, January 26th - 9:00am - Conference Room 7/8th Bldg
Friday, Feb 23rd - 9:00am - Conference Room 7/8th Bldg
Monday, March 19th- 9:00am - Conference Room 7/8th Bldge


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Become an official member of the Thompson PTO!

For as little as $25 per year you can become an official supporter of all the good work our PTO does for our students and staff at Thompson Middle School.

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Important Dates:

Friday, October 27th -
PTO meeting-Computer lab RM:111

Monday, November 13th -
PTO meeting-Computer Lab RM:111

Monday, December 11th - 9:00AM          
PTO meeting- Conference room in the office -7th/8th grade Building

November 2nd, 2017 -
6th Grade night/ 
The Amazing Race

December 13th, 2017 -
7th Grade night Trivia and PE

January 31st, 2018
8th Grade night Trivia and PE