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About Toolbox school supplies

They provide your students with all of the school supplies they will need for their grade level, according to your school's exact supply list. They use name brand products and guarantee 100% satisfaction. They offer you much more than back to school supplies - with us you gain the following advantages: 

Consistent: Supplies match student's grade level supply list.
Convenient: Parents order online at their own convenience.
Cost saving: They buy directly from the manufacturer, which saves you money.
Risk Free: They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Fundraising: Schools have the option to offer the School Tool Box as a school fundraiser, enabling parents to earn money for their school on supplies they already buy. 

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For as little as $25 per year you can become an official supporter of all the good work our PTO does for our students and staff at Thompson Middle School.

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Executive Board 2016-17

PTO Meetings:

PTO meetings alternate between morning and evening and are held in the Thompson LRC (Formerly the Haines LRC). 

First PTO meeting of the new year is: 

Friday, September 15th-9:00AM


Other Important Dates:

Contribute to Thompson PTO every time you shop for the things you need or want.

Shop at the 1700+ stores you already know. A percentage of what you spend is donated to Haines PTO (on average 3%). The stores pay for it all. You never pay more, and sometimes you pay less with coupons and deals.

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