The PTO Board members are reviewing the current bylaws, and will present these changes at the upcoming meeting on May 9th. Please click the button below to review these changes, and submit any questions or comments to the PTO President, Nicole Snopko, by May 7.

PTO Meetings:

PTO meetings will be held at 9:00am every 2nd Thursday of the month, in the 7th/8th grade building (unless otherwise noted). 

PTO meetings are: 

  • 9/6/18

  • 10/11/18

  • 11/8/18

  • 12/13/18 *6th grade building

  • 1/10/19

  • 2/14/19

  • 3/15/19 *Friday

  • 4/11/19 *6th grade building

  • 5/9/19


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Important Dates:

Apr 15-17 - IAR (formerly PARCC) testing

Apr 17 - DPTO meeting, 9.30am

Apr 19 - school improvement day (no students)

Apr 22-26 - book fair @ 7/8th grade center

May 6-11 - teacher appreciation week

May 9 - PTO meeting (officer elections), 9am

May 15 - DPTO meeting, 9.30am

May 27 - Memorial Day

June 7 - last day of school

June 7 - 8th grade party



Executive Board 2018-19

Nicole Snopko

Kathy Spotts

Nicole Sponsler

Stephanie Chabura