Empower, Persevere, Excel

On January 29, 2014, Haines revealed their motto:  Empower, Persevere, Excel.  These are meaningful words, but what do they really mean?  And how were these words chosen to represent the ideals and goals of our school for our students?  

We empower ourselves and others when we believe that we are capable of achieving great things together.  When we celebrate our differences and recognize the importance of speaking encouragement to everyone instead of cruel words that can tear someone down, we begin to see how empowered we really are.  

Once we believe that we can achieve, we have to know that it's going to require hard work to reach our academic, physical and social goals.  It isn't enough to believe, we have to persevere in order to see our dreams become reality.  Teaching our students that hard work and dedication are the keys to success ensures that they understand what is required of them to truly get the most out of their education here at Haines.  To persevere means that even when it's tough, we keep going, we keep believing we can do it and empower each other to reach for the stars.

We all want our children to excel.  Not just in academics and sports, but as happy and thriving young people who have hopes and dreams and have the tools to achieve them in an environment that fosters their creativity.  By modeling the empowerment of others and perseverance, we model excellence.  

Excellence comes from within, it is a product of character.  It cannot be faked and it cannot be rushed, and it is the only path that will truly bring our students joy in every facet of their lives.  What could be more important?

These words were chosen by the collaboration of our administrators and teachers as they thought deeply about what it means to truly teach our children.  These words aren't trite placeholders, but a true expression of what our teachers believe to be vital to the foundation of their education.  The words were then shared with the students and much time was spent helping them analyze and integrate what they meant, to them.  

My sixth grade daughter came home and told me that she had an emotional lesson about these words and that it made her feel her teachers cared so much for her.  I'm sure I have no need to explain how my heart swelled with pride and gratitude that my daughter attends Haines Middle School.  We are so lucky to have this group of teachers and administration charting the course at Haines, and I for one, am so proud to be a part of assisting them in that endeavor.

Go Hurricanes!!!

Shala Dendler - Haines PTO Prez


Our Teachers Love the Haines PTO!

Here’s just some of what our teachers are saying about the work the PTO does for Haines!



From Team 6-1...


“We are so very appreciative for all the PTO does for Haines staff and students. From the Copy Cats to the Book Fair, to Teacher Appreciation Week, and the generous donations they have made to help individual students attend Outdoor Education. Thanks for everything!”


Katie Hoffman – 6-1 Team Lead and Social Studies Educator


“The PTO is the connection we have with the parents. It's comforting to know that if myself or my department needs assistance with something, we can reach out to our PTO and they are always eager to help in any way possible. I'm amazed by the hard work the commitee  for the 5k has put into planning the event (especially Mrs. Czerniak).  We are very fortunate that we have such dedicated parents.”


Samantha Trimarco – P.E. Educator


“The PTO has been very good to our PE department.  I believe they recognize the importance of exercise in our students' lives.  They helped to purchase fitness room equipment, an iPod Music dock, and helping with our Haines 5k Run.  I am very thankful for a supportive PTO.”


Gregory Born – P.E. Educator


“The PTO has been very generous and helpful to the music department over the years. The Haines PTO honors the memory of a former parent through the annual Amy Backer Award. This scholarship, funded by the PTO, goes to a talented and deserving graduating 8th grade band member to use to further their music education and musical experiences at St. Charles North High School.”


Erik Swenson – Exploratory/Band Educator