We hope that these incentives will encourage your support but also truly hope that our families know how important the PTO really is for Haines and will not only contribute their dollars but will come join us and contribute your time.  As we look to begin planning for next year, we are always in need of volunteers to chair our committees and lead on the board.  Elections will be held in April for officers and we encourage you to consider putting your name in the proverbial hat!

Here are some of the amazing gifts the PTO has been able to donate to our school and students over the past several years.  The PTO makes a conscious effort to use our funding for the maximum benefit of every student at Haines.  

  • In 2013, we gave grants of $1000.00 to the science department of each grade level.  They were able to update essential supplies and buy new equipment to further the exploration and education of our students.  
  • In 2014, the PTO subsidized the purchase of new heart rate monitors and straps for the entire school, allowing each student a chance to monitor their specific measurements and goals and becoming aware of how much exercise is needed to burn the calories they eat.  This is such an important part of becoming a healthy and informed young adult as we are all bombarded with food choices every day.  The PTO is proud to be a part of ecucating our students about their health!!
  • In 2015, the PTO purchased sixty stability ball chairs for use in the eighth grade language arts classrooms. These chairs significantly increased the focus and attention of many students who struggle with conditions such as ADHD, giving them sensory motor stimulation while learning.  It is our hope that more chairs can be purchased in the future in other departments as well.  
  • Our school was deeply saddened to lose Mr. Bob Fraser this last summer and the PTO purchased a memorial bench in his name to be displayed on school grounds as a place for friends to meet and talk and remember such a wonderful educator.  It is because we have the funds from our families we are able to recognize and remember such an important member of our Haines community.
ball chairs.jpg

A few of the  wonderful science teachers at Haines!




The Haines PTO also supports the St. Charles Greater Education Foundation by providing a basket for their Jazz Event every year in February. This event raises funds to award grants to all D303 schools and we are proud to support their efforts, as Haines has been the recipient of those grants as well. This was our contribution this year, a Date Night in St. Charles, a basket worth $500.00 that was mostly all donated by local businesses, including Hache Bistro in Geneva, Towhhouse Cafe and Tranquility Spa in St. Charles.  Inner Blaze Yoga also donated two free private sessions to the winning bidder.  

While we are involved in many areas, we run on a tight budget and the PTO board works very hard to conserve and utilize the money we have to its maximum effect.  We have seen a significant drop in dues payments over the last three years, taking our budget from over $11,000 a year to just over $7,000 this year.  That’s a huge setback in what we can accomplish throughout the year and give back to your student.  So our hope is that you will decide that the PTO is worth the contribution and send in your donation!  We have the very high hopes that we will make up our shortfall in dues and then some!

So remember:  If you would like to contribute to the campaign, you may write a check to Haines PTO  or  please click the button at the top of this page to donate to our campaign and make your safe and secure payment electronically, saving time and paper! 

Thank you for being a part of the Haines family and thank you in advance for supporting your Haines PTO.  We simply can’t do it without you!!

A word of thanks for the Teacher Conference dinner the PTO provides for our hardworking and dedicated teachers.

A couple notes of thanks from the Haines teachers for their Holiday Cookie boxes.  The Haines PTO loves to 'treat' our teachers well!!

The Haines PTO is always happy to support the health and fitness of our students and the Color Dash event is a family favorite!!